How should we take advice?

We all love getting advice from our audience, our mentors, our seniors, our listeners. In this episode, we discuss some of the feedback we've got about the podcast so far and wonder to what extent we should change things up based on advice. We then generalise this to general life - how should we take advice effectively without over-correcting our internal models based on individual pieces of advice?


We got a few mixed reviews about last week's podcast, which got us thinking about how we should approach the feedback that we get. Taimur talks about thinking, for most of his life, that there were "right answers" for things, and that other people could give him these answers. We both agree that this isn't the case, and that we each have to construct our own world-views ourselves, gathering feedback and advice from lots of sources, and deciding which ones to incorporate into our mental models and which ones to ignore. We talk about how you should keep your own goals in mind when considering external feedback, and how you should be wary when taking feedback from authority figures. No episode would be complete without Ali going off on one about "consistency", so we've got that too.

What is this?

Not Overthinking is a podcast about happiness, creativity, and the human condition. We talk about things to help us think, do, and be better. Things like social interaction, lifestyle design, mental models... Things that are hard to examine, but important to explore. And hopefully, things that make for a fun and interesting chat every week.

Who are we?

Ali is a junior doctor and YouTuber working in Cambridge, UK. He makes videos about medicine, technology, productivity and lifestyle design. His links: YouTube, Blog, Newsletter, Instagram

Taimur is a data scientist and writer, working at Retool, an SF-based startup. He writes on his blog and as a columnist for Medium. His links: Blog, Twitter, Medium, Instagram

Hosted by Ali and Taimur Abdaal.