Why should you invest in a good kitchen bin?

In this episode, we explore "Measure" — a mental model for spending time and money more effectively. Based on this framework, we conclude that everyone should get a good kitchen bin and a voice coach, and that Ali probably shouldn't get a Tesla.


In this episode, we explore "Measure" — a theory that Taimur's cooked up about how we can better spend our time and money. Here's the main idea: 

Different things in our lives contribute value in different ways. Some things give us a short burst of high value (high "magnitude", low "measure") — e.g. going out for a nice meal. Others give us less value, but which recurs over time (low "magnitude", high "measure") — e.g. having comfortable trainers. When we think about how to spend our time and money, we have a bias towards evaluating things according to their "magnitude". But in the long-run, it's the things that provide recurring value — the things that are "high measure" — that are most valuable.  This is why spending a lot of money on a kitchen bin is counter-intuitive, but worth it. 

We talk about this theory (and its limitations), and explore different high-measure areas of our lives which we've probably under-invested in — mental health, voice training, public speaking, and a few others.


  1. "Measure — a mental model for decision-making" - Taimur's blog post
  2. Simplehuman Butterfly 30L Pedal Bin – a great kitchen bin

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